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Financial statements for contractors and developers are the backbone of their business.  Improper financial reporting can destroy credibility, resulting in loss of critical bonding and banking credit.


We have been on the cutting edge of financial reporting for contractors and developers for more than 35 years and have served as discussion leaders on this subject at numerous meetings of contractors, developers, CPAs, sureties, and bankers.  When creditors are looking at financial statements and have questions about a certain presentation in a financial statement, they routinely call us for guidance.


Because of our extensive experience in this highly specialized area of financial reporting, we are uniquely positioned to audit, review, compile, or prepare financial statements that conform with current professional standards.

We are enrolled in the AICPA Peer Review Program and are required to have a peer review of our accounting and auditing practice once every three years.  The objective of the peer review program is to enhance quality in accounting and auditing services to benefit the public interest.

In performing a peer review, the reviewer does a study and appraisal of our quality control system to determine that our system has been designed and complied with to provide reasonable assurance of our conformity with the requirements of professional standards.


We have earned unmodified reports for every peer review we have undergone.

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